Sea View Bistro & Coffee Lounge

Sweet Treats

Suitable for Vegetarians = Vegetarian


For more options, we have a vast selection of homemade cakes and slices on our counter in our coffee lounge.
Locally made Bara Brith with Butter
Large Toasted Teacake
with butter on the side
Two Slices of Bakery Toast and Butter
Add Jam or Marmalade for 95p
Large homemade Scone with Butter
Large Homemade Scone with Butter, Jam and Cornish Clotted Cream
2 Welsh Cakes with butter

Sea View Sundaes

2 Scoop £3.95
3 Scoop £4.95
4 Scoop £5.95

Add a flake or a wafer or cream for 40p
2 Scoop Sea View Sundae
3 Scoop Sea View Sundae

Ice Cream

Large selection of Parisella's scooped ice creams which can be served as a Sea View Ice Cream Sundae or to takeaway in a tub or in a selection of ice-cream cones.

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