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Local Attractions - Things To Do

The North Wales Llyn Peninsula has plenty to offer everyone - from the relaxing to more strenuous activities. The area still remains relatively unspoilt and much is as it was (preserved) at the turn of the 19th century.

Locally, in and around Morfa Bychan/Porthmadog, whether you are in to sport, outdoor activities, relaxation or sightseeing there are a wide range of activities to satisfy. On this page we will point you in the right direction so you may explore for yourself just what the area has to offer!


→ Climbing
→ Bouldering
→ Sailing
→ Fishing
→ Hill & Coastal Walking
→ Jet Skiing
→ Wind Surfing
→ kayaking
→ Quadbiking, Pony Trekking etc
→ Golf
→ Pot Holing

→ Castles
→ Slate Mines/Caverns
→ Scenery
→ Craft Centers
→ Fantastic Beaches
→ Potteries
→ Architecture
→ Small gauge steam railways
→ Llanberris & Snowdon Railways
→ Electric Mountain, Llanberis
→ And of-course Sea View Coffee Lounge!
The list is endless so we suggest that you discover for yourself by following the links below...
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